Kent - Optician

Kent entered in the optical business right around the time Dinosaurs stopped roaming the earth. Which turns out was sometime in the late 1970’s. He is one of our most valued associates. With a berth of knowledge on frames and lenses, Kent will educate and inspire you into your next glasses. Kent also acts as the office jokester with his “Dad Jokes” and Puns, helping us smile through the day. The favorite part of his job is demonstrating how Transitions work by running outside!

Adriana - Optician

Adriana is our frame Queen; she maintains frames and frame Representative relationships. Making sure that our selection is on trend for you. Adriana is also the Den Mother and keeps Kent in line as well as bringing treats to the crew, for moral support. Adriana has been serving this community with us for almost 15 years. A favorite thing about her job is when the patient puts on new glasses and can see. It makes her proud to be a part of their vision journey.

Ty - Optical Tech / Optician

Ty is the innovator of the team. She often researches new technologies and methods to keep the practice current. She also has an interest in marketing and thinks up ways to bring in new business. Ty has been in optics for almost 4 years and enjoys how varied optical can be. She loves to educate patients about their eyes and all the options available to them.

Connie - Optical Tech

Connie is the multitasker; she keeps busy all around the office. She has been in optical for 1 year now. She keeps the office rolling by pre-testing our patients and keeping records up to date and organized. She is always striving to do her best, and make sure that all our patient needs are met. She loves getting to know our patients and furthering our patient relations.

Tanya - Reception

Our ability to make a good impression on you starts with Tanya. Though Tanya recently joined the team she has been a medical receptionist for over 2 years. Her professional demeanor and soft-spoken voice help set the relaxing atmosphere we strive for.

Cyndi - Administrative / Billing

Cyndi is our Boss in the sky keeping an eye on us and making sure the lights stay on. As a remote worker Cyndi is akin to a wondering spirit. We cannot see her, but we can feel her presence. Cyndi is an essential part of the team and has been with us for over 20 years.